We have been doing automation wrong for many years; first it was just Big Data, failures and unintended consequences of which continue to fill books.

Then came AI, and all the problems proliferated and got amplified further.

To help organizations do better, Ethical AI frameworks were developed.

A lot of them. The world has over 200 Ethical AI or Responsible AI frameworks, which have enjoyed varying degrees of success.

Notwithstanding the fact that many of them are written at such a high level that actually implementing solutions taking them into account is difficult, they also don’t tackle many of the more pressing issues in automation.

They don’t talk about people’s over-reliance on automation.

They don’t talk about using people as the moral crumple zone.

They don’t talk about skill degradation.

The cost of getting it wrong is rapidly becoming too high; we need to do better.

It is these, and other, matters in mind that I came to develop what I call the Mindful Automation approach.

You can find the initiative, including a manifesto of principles and a skeleton framework along with other information, at https://mindfulautomation.com.au/

Feedback and constructive, challenging criticism is more than welcome.

We can, and should, do automation better.

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