Articles by: Sami Mäkeläinen

Still a human, but it's getting harder to tell

Beware of the Automation Point of No Return

Summary in seven points: Everything is becoming more automated. We tend to cede control to automation before it is actually ready to take over. In the process of ceding control, our skills degrade; in the first stages of this process, our past hands-on experience protects us from disasters, allowing over-reliance on automation to […]

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On thermals and colliding cultures

The aviation industry is, after a disastrous 2020, finally showing some signs of life. While the ramp-up is still slow on the normal operations side, the speculative future side is experiencing a downright boom. Or should I say Boom, because one of the threads is the renewed push into making […]

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Calling for nuanced views

Can you be an advocate and a critic of the same thing? I believe you can. In some ways, we live in a very black-and-white era. I’m sure you have noticed the divides; there are entire countries that appear sharply divided across political lines, and people elsewhere may pick other […]

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