Transition Level can help your organization successfully navigate a more automated society in a number of ways, depending where you are in the journey as well as your organization’s unique needs. The principal modes of engagement are:

From leadership and strategy off-sites to envisioning new product groups or services, a foresight workshop can bring highly valuable insights into the process.

Engagement can range from a half-day focused workshops through to various formal foresight training classes organized through IFTF (Institute for the Future).

Are the rapidly improving capabilities of AI systems leaving you anxious? Maybe you’re curious or excited how you can deploy these technologies, or you’re worried about missing out on something amazing but don’t quite know where to start. Perhaps you are worried about the unintended consequences of implementing automation, and how you can do that without experiencing an employee backlash?

I can help in improving organizational understanding how now just AI, but various emerging capabilities will impact your business over the coming years, both in terms of risks and opportunities.

Instead of letting the companies bring you generic Generative AI use cases, explore what your people are already doing with it and build capabilities with your people.

In large organizations, 5-14% of people are already using GenAI tools for work, even when banned to do so by company policy. This introspective study will take your organization’s ability to harness use cases right for you to the next level.

Need a compelling speaker for an event or a strategy workshop? With experience from academic conferences to C-suite sessions, I can talk to a wide variety of topics in an understandable, yet thorough and mindful, manner.

Please contact ICMI for speaking engagements in the first instance, although direct engagement is also possible.

From a quick 30min awareness session on technologies such as Generative AI to more in-depth training to build capability.

Need a quick introduction onto a new topic so you are comfortable talking about it? I can get your executive or product team up to speed quickly on the most important issues.

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