This is a collection page for both professional (i.e. Transition Level) and personal (Sami’s) projects.

Cyborgs with Heart

A community approach to navigating our new cyborg stages in an ethical, kind, and productive manner.

Mindful Automation

Building Our Automated Future Better; an initiative, manifesto and an emerging framework for implementing automation in a better way. See the site for more details.


As I explore the use cases of custom chatbots, I’ve developed a few that might be of broader general interest as well. Here’s a couple:

  • Future You – chat with a simulated version of your future self. Based on MIT Research on how such conversations reduce anxiety and can improve decision-making.
  • Aviation Incident Analyzer – given a media writeup of an aviation incident, the bot offers plausible reasons what happened. Inspired by the normally very low-quality reporting of such incidents.
  • There’s Always an Aviation Angle – inspired by Jon Ostrower’s phrase, you can tell this bot anything and it’ll try to find the link to the aviation industry from it.

Book Reviews

Since 2018, I’ve written mini-review threads on Twitter of all the non-fiction books I’ve read. It’s been a great place to connect with other people interested in reading and the authors as well.

Sadly, Twitter has consistently gotten worse since the Musk takeover.

I’m no longer confident to keep anything of importance there, so the book reviews have a new primary home here on my site; the Twitter side will still be there for the time being as well, but I’m intentionally lowering the threshold of just leaving altogether.

Things That Feel Good

A list of things that feel good, to remind us that despite everything that is going on, there are still a lot of things to feel good about in the world, and nice experiences to be had.

Open Path Society

A community of freethinkers.